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2″ Silver-Soldered Triclamp Port

I was getting tired of disassembling my setup every time I wanted to add liquid.

I happened to have a 2 inch radiused TC flange …

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Silver Soldered Pump Heads

I have one March and two Chugger Center Input Pumps that have long had tri-clamp connectors screwed on with PTFE tape. I finally got …

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New England Style IPA

I was getting ready to make another NEIPA so I figured I’d give this a whirl…12 gallon batchMash Bill:22 lbs Pilsen Malt4 lbs Torrified …

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Leaky eDrometer

  I bought an eDrometer early on and have used it extensively, along with my Tilt and Hanna digital refractometer.   When I went to …

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I’ve finished my Keezer. It’s capable of holding 6 5-gallon kegs.

There’s lot’s of info on the web on how to build one, so I …

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Removable Corney Keg Thermowell

Ok, here’s my latest project…

I’ve wanted to put a thermowell into a Corney keg to allow me to use my wireless temp controller to …

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25 Gallon Bottom-Drain Mash Tun

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Kegco Brite Tank, DIY Spunding Valve and Fermenting under pressure.

The Beverage Factory was having a sale on the Kegco Brite Tank, which to me is a perfect vessel for fermenting, dry hopping, and transferring …

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DIY QuickCarb

I was intrigued by the claims of the Blichmann QuickCarb, stating that you can have a beer straight from the fermenter ready to drink in …

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Catalyst Semi-conical Fermentor

As I may have mentioned before, I’m a dedicated gadget geek. I love trying out new things and ideas and am quick to seek out …

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