First, let’s start with what this site IS NOT..

It’s not a commercial brewery,  and I’m not selling beer, wines or spirits (BATFE, please take note).

The ButtCrack Brewery site is simply my attempt to document my trials and tribulations in homebrewing.

I started homebrewing in the early part of 2011, or rather SWMBO wanted to try it,  and I just went along for the ride. SWMBO quickly retreated from the endeavor when she discovered that there was actual cooking and cleaning required, while I quickly got hooked on the whole process. Our first attempt, a brown ale made with pre-hopped LME, came out pretty well, which encouraged me to try a pale ale made with LME and hop pellets. That success moved me on to a mini-mash with grain and LME for a Mandarin Hefeweizen. This finally led me to BIAB and AG brewing, which of course required a growing number of gadgets.

I hope to chronicle those and future sessions in this blog.

I’ve tried to make the site as easy to navigate as possible, using some of my posts above and also at my Projects Page and Home Brews Page.

If you find the site informative, or funny, great, but it’s here mainly to remind me why I homebrew.

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