Leaky eDrometer

I bought an eDrometer early on and have used it extensively, along with my Tilt and Hanna digital refractometer.
When I went to use it today, it appeared to be leaking:eek:.
Closer inspection showed the silicone tubing was cracking near the entrance to the device.
I went to my trusty computer to see if this was something that was fixable, but when I attempted to access the STM Instrument site, all I got was:
HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
Their Facebook Page also shows little or no activity.
Looking around some more, I noticed that Mile High Distilling still has a few in stock, so if I really wanted another one, I still might be able to get one.
Since the one year warranty had long ago passed, I figured I’d have little to lose by tearing into it to see if it could be fixed.
After some gentle poking and prying, I found that the top plastic cover could be removed as it was only secured with some food-grade silicone sealant.
Here’s what I found underneath:
OK, this looks salvageable 
I trimmed the external tubing and re-connected it, ran a few tests, and it seems to work fine 
I’m ordering new tubing from McMaster-Carr, and will replace it all when it gets here.
Since I’m more interested in function over form, I probably won’t put the cap back on as long as it works.
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