Silver Soldered Pump Heads

I have one March and two Chugger Center Input Pumps that have long had tri-clamp connectors screwed on with PTFE tape. I finally got tired of unwinding, cleaning and re-winding the connectors, so I bit the bullet and tried silver soldering the connectors onto the pump head threads.
I carefully cleaned the threads on the heads and connectors. using a bronze bristle rotary brush on my Dremel tool. I then lightly sanded the threads, cleaned them with acetone, applied a copious amount of flux to the threads, then I assembled and soldered the heads one port at a time.
The result came out pretty well if I do say so myself:
I’ve hooked up and run all the pumps and leak tested them, and everything was copacetic.
If you’re going to try this yourself, and don’t already have the tri-clamp fittings, I recommend you use Bobby’s Low Profile NPT adapters.
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