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Wifi Temperature Controller

If you’ve looked at some of my other posts, you’ll notice that I’ve played around with several DIY temperature controllers based around the Arduino, Teensy3.x, …

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Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Carboy

I really like my ported Better Bottle carboys for the most part. They are easy to clean, safer than glass carboys, and allow you to …

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Sparge Return for Insulated Mash Tun

I’ve used my insulated mash tun multiple times now, and it works very well.

The only thing I haven’t been happy with was the return. …

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The Barney – Part IV


I finally got the remainder of the parts to complete Barney, my weldless brewstand. Here’s an updated photo:

I had leak-tested everything, run some …

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The “Barney” Brewstand – Part III

Added electronics, natural gas pipe, and burners. Waiting for parts to mount pumps.

The switches at the front are low voltage controlling 25-amp solid-state relays …

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Tri-Clamp Keggle


When I made my first keggle, I used weldless bulkheads for all my connections as it was relatively easy to do, and worked just …

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The “Barney” Brewstand – Part 2

Got to do a little more work on it on Easter Sunday.

Added two more casters, the shelf for my Insulated Mash Tun, and a …

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The “Barney” Brewstand

As I’m slowly ramping up my system to 10 gallons, I gave some thought to how to best set everything up. Right now the night …

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In my quest to move to 10 gallon batches, I’ve created an Insulated Mash Tun from a rubber-coated decommissioned 1/2 keg. I already have a …

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Pre-making yeast starter and bottling primer.

Two things are absolutely necessary in order to make any alcoholic beverage: A solution of a fermentable sugar in water, and yeast. Yeast eat the …

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