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Kudos to Chugger Pumps!!!

I was working on installing my pumps on Barney last sunday. I have two chuggerpumps and a march, all retrofitted with chuggerpumps’ center-inlet 3/4″ NPT SS heads, which are outfitted with 1″ Tri-clamp adapters.

While testing the pumps and hoses, one of the chuggerpumps started leaking from the rear housing. Thinking it may have been a mis-aligned o-ring, I disassembled the pump head, put everything back together and tried again.

No Luck. No matter how I positioned the o-ring or rear housing, it leaked. Finally I took apart one of my old 1/2″ NPT housings, and used it.

Fixed it.

Since I wanted to keep the old housings in case of a problem, I decided to write to shoot chuggerpumps an e-mail outlining the problem. This was late Sunday.

Less than 20 minutes later, I get a reply from Mike, offering to send me a new rear housing. I thanked him for his prompt attention to the matter.

Fast forward to today…

Not only did Mike send me TWO rear housings AND two silicon o-rings, he sent me a complete new 3/4″ center inlet pump head!!!

Many Thanks, Mike, and you will definitely be on my “must buy” list. 

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