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The “Barney” Brewstand

As I’m slowly ramping up my system to 10 gallons, I gave some thought to how to best set everything up. Right now the night before brew day consists of gathering up all of my equipment and moving it to the back yard. This involves a bunch of lifting and carrying, both out to and back from, and I’m not as young as I used to be. I needed something to help ease the load.

The November 2007 Brew Your Own magazine featured a brewing system called the “Brutus 10” that used a DIY (do it yourself) welded stainless steel frame which held the burners, pumps, pots, etc. It’s a very popular plan, and has been copied and imitated over the years. My problem is that my welding skills are zero.

Then I stumbled upon the “Wallace”, weldless brew stand made from galvanized angle iron. Now this is closer to my skill set!

As all of the stands that I’ve seen on-line have been named (“Brutus”, “Wallace”, “Popeye”, etc), I decided to name mine as well. In homage to Homer Simpson’s best friend and drinking buddy, I give you “Barney”.

So I ordered the parts from McMaster-Carr’s website:

Qty Part# Description
4 each 8968K26 1-1/2″ X 1-1/2″, 6’ length
7 each 4664T65 2-1/4″ X 1-1/2″, 6’ length
16 each 4664T22 Steel Corner Plate, 6″x 6″
2 pack 4664T61 Bolts W/nuts & Washers
4 each 8789T42 400 lb. capacity caster

Next, I stopped by my local big-box hardware store, and picked up some 7-1/4″ cutting disks for my portable miter saw. My plan was to make the stand large enough to contain my two Blichmann free-standing burners, which have 24″ extended legs, so I opted to make the stand 6′ long, 22″ deep, and 25″ high without the casters.

I cut the angle iron and bolted it all together in just a few hours on a late saturday afternoon:

In retrospect, I should have ordered two more casters for the center of the frame, and more angle iron. Oh well, off to the big box hardware store to get more angle iron and some casters (BTW, the angle iron was significantly higher at the big box store, so plan ahead).

More to come…

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