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The “Barney” Brewstand – Part III

Added electronics, natural gas pipe, and burners. Waiting for parts to mount pumps.

The switches at the front are low voltage controlling 25-amp solid-state relays …

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Tri-Clamp Keggle


When I made my first keggle, I used weldless bulkheads for all my connections as it was relatively easy to do, and worked just …

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The “Barney” Brewstand – Part 2

Got to do a little more work on it on Easter Sunday.

Added two more casters, the shelf for my Insulated Mash Tun, and a …

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The “Barney” Brewstand

As I’m slowly ramping up my system to 10 gallons, I gave some thought to how to best set everything up. Right now the night …

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