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Ole Mole – Day 49

Tasting Day!

I put a bottle of Ole Mole into the fridge at about 10AM, to let it cool down. At 3:30PM, I took the bottle from the fridge, opened it and poured a sample into one of my 7oz tasting glasses. The brew is a nice opaque brown-black, with a small dark tan head that quickly dissipates, with very little lacing.

The vanilla aroma presents itself as soon as the bottle is opened, and is predominate in the nose of the beer.

Taking a sip, the brew has a moderate to heavy mouthfeel, with a creamy viscosity, as it should with an oatmeal stout. Chocolate flavors are very muted, which surprises me, based on the amount of Belgian dark cocoa I used. Only after swallowing does the heat of the cayenne make itself known, but it definitely lets you know it’s there, and stays with you for a while. There’s a surprise return of the vanilla flavor that helps mediate the heat of the spice which is a pleasant surprise.

This is not a stout that you should drink by itself. It would probably contrast well with a meal like a molasses-based pulled pork, or sweet glazed chicken wings, the spice helping to reduce some of the cloying sweetness. I probably will use about half as much cayenne next time, and possibly use some chocolate extract in the secondary, as the chocolate is not where I hoped it would be.

Overall this is not one of my best efforts. It’s still young, and the cayenne heat has definitely reduced with time, so maybe some cellaring will help.

We’ll see…

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