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In the beginning…

I started drinking wine again with SWMBO a few years ago, and started drinking beer again about three years ago. This was about the same time that there were more places to go to enjoy craft beers, among them Yardhouse and Aces & Ales.

SWMBO expressed an interest in trying to make our own beer. I initially resisted, as I was more interested in DRINKING the beers that were already available to us. SWMBO insisted, and so it was off to the LHBS to purchase a homebrew kit and our first brew, a pre-hopped LME Brown Ale.

A few weeks later, we opened our first bottle of our Brown Ale, and…It was pretty good!!

By this time SWMBO had lost interest in the actual making of the beer, as it involved COOKING, which is something she avoids whenever possible. I on the other had was hooked.

Thus began an odyssey that has involved more equipment, kits and projects than any other hobby I’ve had, and which I hope to describe in this blog.

Wish me luck…

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